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Remote Monitor

Specifications :


PROTECTOFIRE Remote Operated Water cum Foam Monitor made of
Stainless Steel material having 3"Nb/4"NB flanged inlet with Gunmetal Gear
Operated Swivel Joint with Aluminium Aqua Foam Nozzle having flow
capacity 1200 to 3500 lpm at 7 kg/cm2 fitted with DC motor for horizontal
rotation and vertical rotation and Nozzle movement also through Remote
Panel jet and fog pattern.

Remote Control System:
Power supply : 12V / 24V
Motors : Battery Operated DC Motors
Proximity/ Limit switches : 12V / 24V DC
Control Panel with Joy Stick for Horizontal & Vertical movement of Monitor
and Jet/ Spray of nozzle)

Body : Stainless Steel
Swivel Joints : Gun Metal
Gear Shaft : Stainless Steel
Finish : Fire Red Painted (2 Coats)
Inlet : Flanged to IS:1538 / ANSI B 16.5 150 LBS
Maneuverability: 330 degrees in horizontal plane.
+ 90 degrees, - 15 degrees in vertical plane.

Remote Monitor

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